Becoming A Good Hitter

Being a good hitter is the desire of most baseball and softball players, and there is a very
broad range on how to train to become an effective hitter. Hitting philosophies differ from one trainer to the next and there are no cookie cutter methods of teaching players to become a good hitter though they may be similar in some ways.

Each player’s swing is different; therefore, their bad habit(s) in approaching hitting are going to be different.

There are some products on the market that are legitimate and can assist in helping to develop a proper swing.  Also, there are gimmick products out there as well that may create apprehension when deciding to try a product.  The simpler the concept of a training aid the more effective it is in helping the athlete to develop an effective baseball and/or softball swing most of the time.

Resistance training is the wave of the future and many players train with this type of product. These products promote strength and power, creating proper swing techniques in a relative short period of time without putting undue stress on the joints like traditional weights.
So, look at developing your swing using resistance training

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