The X-Zack Thing, LLC is an emerging company that was incorporated by Stephon Zackery in August 2011, pursuant to the laws of the State of Georgia. The primary purpose of the company is to produce, market, and sell the newly invented state of the art training and rehabilitation tool named THE X-ZACK SWING TRAINER. The trainer was invented and developed by Stephon Zackery in the first quarter of 2011 and the patent application is with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

The simplistic design and mechanics of THE X-ZACK SWING TRAINER will allow users to develop, condition, tone, and strengthen muscles in the act of the swing to create muscle memory for the perfect form of a competitive sports swing. The flexibility of THE X-ZACK SWING TRAINER will allow the user to adjust THE X-ZACK SWING TRAINER to focus the mechanics of the swing for the form of a variety of sports, including but not limited to baseball and softball.

Mr. Zackery is a veteran proletarian athlete, volunteer coach, and trainer. His extensive experience in training and coaching youth led to his ingenious invention of the tool. While countless parents, coaches, trainers, and athletes work to identify new and creative ways to gain a competitive edge, all want to develop a form that minimizes the risk of injury at the same time. The X-ZACK SWING TRAINER allows just such an approach to training.

Furthermore, the ability to focus and limit the motion of the user allows the trainer to serve as a safe and effective device for rehabilitation. The process of shaping the user’s motion to the perfect form allows the user to repeat the same exact swing every time. By constructing the motion in a way that naturally maximizes the user’s physical attributes, the trainer removes the all too common approach of overcompensating or improperly moving. The repetitive use of the X-ZACK SWING TRAINER allows the user to train his or her body to maintain the perfect form and develop their muscles to safely repeat the motion without the support of the trainer. The user will repeat the process to create “muscle memory” automatically.

As is the case with world class athletes, users will simply re-use the X-ZACK SWING TRAINER to ensure that they maintain the form they have developed for an optimal result. Be it speed or power, the X-ZACK SWING TRAINER will allow the user to narrow their focus to the precise motion that generates the best result for their body.

The versatility of the X-ZACK SWING TRAINER allows a broad scope of use. The size adjustments allow use by children and adults of all sizes. The resistance based functional design allows use by people of all strength levels. An injured person can use the X-ZACK SWING TRAINER for rehabilitation, a novice can use it to learn and an athlete can use it to train. The fundamental approach for each category of user will be to design a swing motion that fits their body and sport, then hold that motion and allow repetition without deviation. The X-ZACK SWING TRAINER will develop the skill to allow the proper consistency that creates muscle memory. By altering the level of resistance, size, and flow of motion, X-ZACK SWING TRAINER will allow anyone to use it safely.